Blue Room Psychology

We are consultant clinical psychologists, with expertise and specialist knowledge of working with trauma survivors over the last 25 years. This experience informs our understanding of the impact of trauma and what helps promote recovery. We believe that every positive interaction which trauma survivors have with professionals can be therapeutic.
We are therefore passionate about training and supporting others to work sensitively and effectively with trauma survivors and traumatic material, as well as to sustain themselves in their work.

What we do


We offer training, skills development, reflective spaces and consultancy to all organisations invested in becoming trauma-informed workplaces.

We support professionals and organisations who engage with trauma survivors and traumatic material in the context of their work to provide sensitive, effective and compassionate care and services and to identify and mitigate the risks of vicarious traumatisation and burnout.

Our clients include lawyers, researchers, voluntary sector and humanitarian workers, as well health and social care professionals. Our workshops are always tailored to the specific needs of the professionals we work with.

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 Blue Room Psychology & Trauma Services Ltd.

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