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We offer bespoke training and consultancy sessions to meet the needs of your organisation. We will always take time to speak with key team members to understand team resources and challenges working collaboratively with you to develop training and interventions to meet your unique needs.

We currently work with lawyers, voluntary sector workers, charities, researchers and humanitarian workers, as well as NHS and social care professionals. 

Training we currently offer includes:

  • Creating trauma awareness and embedding trauma-informed practice in your organisation: includes training, support with developing policies, offering reflective practice groups or one to one clinical support sessions

  • Trauma-informed interviewing for legal professionals on getting the best possible evidence from your clients in the safest most sensitive ways, understanding the impact of trauma on memory, disclosure and perceived credibility

  • Understanding and working with PTSD and Complex PTSD in your context

  • Working with refugees, asylum seekers and victims of trafficking

  • Working with survivors of sexual and domestic violence

  • Working with adult survivors of childhood abuse

  • Working cross culturally and with interpreters in your organisation

  • Identifying and dealing with moral injury and distress

  • Identifying and preventing vicarious traumatisation and burnout


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