Reflective Practice

"Reflective practice ...aims to help us with questions to which there is no easy or straightforward answer, and also to generate new questions in order to better frame our thinking about novel and complex situations" (Kurtz, 2020).

Reflective practice and clinical support

Reflective practice sessions are safe, focussed spaces for learning and reflection in relation to our experiences at work. Facilitated individual reflective sessions and/or reflective practice groups with colleagues can help to understand our emotional responses, interactions and decision making in relation to working with challenging situations, complex clients and traumatic material.

Group work can improve communication in and across teams and reduce a sense of isolation by normalising difficult feelings and connecting staff to shared values.

Clinical support can be provided for team members who feel that they will benefit from more focussed guidance in relation to understanding, engaging with and supporting particular clients with complex histories and needs.

This means that professionals are supported to provide effective and senstive services, as well as being given the tools to indentify and protect them from vicarious traumatisation and burnout and to enhance organisational wellbeing and resilience.

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